Best Mens Hairstyles With Bangs

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 - Best Hairstyles

Bangs are not just for women. Lots of hairstyles for men with bangs that are now gaining popularity as more and more people have realized the importance of looking good. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles with bangs that work great guys.

Side-Swept Bangs
A lot of male celebrities now sports side bangs are great for guys who want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and require frequent trips to the salon for a cut. Side Swept Bangs are ideal for those who want to keep their long hair. This is also great for kids who have naturally curly or wavy hair. Curly bangs are cool and great for summer but guys can always pave the bangs to keep them in order.

To Bangs aside to be effective, they must be grown to a length that makes it easy to sweep them aside. Men who want to have fun this style should wear their hair short to avoid looking sloppy especially if they want to keep their wavy bangs. Experts recommend going for sleek and straight bangs for formal occasions. For casual days, bangs can still look beautiful in natural hair texture and can stay fit with a cream setting or light hold hairspray. This style is also ideal for hair with dark and light streaks more definition and depth to add style.

Parted in the middle
Stripe hairstyle used to be big in the late 90s when it was used by almost every boyband who sported long locks ish members. Parted bangs are great for men with lighter hair and dark roots. For the effect of hair parted bangs should be long, about 2 inches long. Clean hair parted down the middle so that the hair on both sides forming an arch on each side. Longer hair needs more attention, however, so regular conditioning is required for any guy who wants to wear this hairstyle.

Blunt Bangs
Blunt bangs are great for men with long face shapes from the bangs can frame your face and make it look shorter and rounder. Blunt bangs look great when the remaining hair is also cut. Most men like to keep their bangs in a shorter length, usually one inch above the eyebrows, blunt bangs also work when they are longer, as long as they do not touch the eyebrows. It is recommended to leave some front to show between explosions and eyebrows to give more definition to the eyes.

Blunt bangs are not strictly conclusive, however. The row of bangs can be trimmed using a knife or pruning shears to give the bangs a more interesting bumpy texture. Blunt bangs are also great for men who have dark hair.

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